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Apartment Inspiration

Home Shopping : )

Egyptian cotton bath towel
$75 –

Bath accessory

Copper bathroom accessory
$22 –

Glass bath accessory
$22 –

Copper bathroom accessory
$15 –

White tea pot

Glass jar
$54 –

Royal Albert kitchen dining

$8.65 –

Porcelain coffee mug
$8.03 –

H M drinkware
$7.48 –

Bone china tea set
Untitled #46

Seletti wall mounted lamp
$295 –

Herringbone throw
$32 –

Wedgwood tea cup saucer
$36 –

Gold cup

Metallic wall art
$66 –

Pottery Barn wall art

Canvas wall art

Elephant wall art
$32 –

I am way too happy to be moving into my own apartment later in the year and I have been non-stop inspiration-shopping for home items : )

I absolutely adore little coffee mugs and I can already tell I am going to have way too many for one small apartment. I especially love tiny tea cups that have intricate, traditional designs with the added plate.

I am also loving anything copper-colored: bowls, soap dispensers, mirrors, etc. It’s a tint I have been seeing in more and more home products lately, and I sure believe it will stay trendy.

I am also in love with truly adorable pillow covers. I currently love the trend of having cute faces or eyelashes on them!

I also adore anything that has elephants on it. Elephants are my favorite animals so naturally, I am attracted to anything they are added on. I love the idea of elephant salt and pepper shakers, pillow cases, or artwork to hang on the walls!

I truly love warm blankets as well. There are so many fun colors and details currently, and I especially love the ones with loose end ties or fluffy additions.

Last but not least, I have always adored artwork and I plan to make my first apartment very artistic. I love simple quotes or model drawings especially as they add the simple, distinct tone the room may need.

I am extremely excited for actual apartment shopping and cannot wait to look at some more essentials!

What are the current home trends you are loving?


4 thoughts on “Apartment Inspiration

  1. Ahhh thank youuu! Xx I adore them as well.. I’ve become a bit obsessed with little house things! :)


  2. It’s often the little things that make the big difference!! Your apartment it will be so beautiful if you manage to fill it with lots of these/similar things! xx


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