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Review of NARS Bronzer.

As someone who has just recently started to use a bronzer in their daily makeup routine, I have absolutely fallen in love with the NARS Laguna product.

I am quite light-skinned and always purchase the fairest foundation available. I never even considered using a bronzer until I really noticed how drawn-out my face appeared.

I picked up the NARS Laguna Bronzer after it was recommended to me simply to try it out. It’s good to experiment with different products as it is one way to find everything you love to use the most. :)

And I have absolutely adored it ever since I purchased it. I have seen so many reviews on it and most speak about the product highly, yet I was going back and forth since many of the reviewers had generally tan skin (Really, I am quite fair).

So, in recognition of the many people who don’t have a naturally tan complexion, I wanted to truly and honestly recommend this product to you.

If you are feeling drawn out by the only foundation that compliments your skin or simply want a brighter appearance, the NARS Laguna Bronzer is the perfect one for you.

I can honestly say, as well, that it does not make your face too dark. Yes, if you use a hefty amount, it may contradict the look you are trying to achieve, yet a simple swipe back and forth on your cheekbone highlights areas that give you a more natural-looking tan.

If you are naturally dark-skinned, though, and feel as though the laguna colour may be a bit light for you, NARS also has the colour casino, which may suit you better.

In NARS’ description of their bronzers, they list laguna as “brown with a golden shimmer”. Casino is described as “dark brown with a golden shimmer”.

IMG_9615  IMG_9616

You can find NARS products, specifically their bronzers, at Sephora! Shop both colours here:


4 thoughts on “Review of NARS Bronzer.

  1. I love NARS Laguna but I feel like I wasted my money so lightly as am so pale I never really wear bronzer! I need to start using it more often! Xxx


  2. Aw hello! I am so, so sorry that I am JUST replying! :'( I totally understand because when I first bought this, I immediately regretted it since I thought it looked too dark on me! I’ve really only put a bit on my cheeks now, which seems to work so much better and I’ve really come to love it. If you use it again, let me know if you like it better! I adore your blog by the way, thank you so much for reading! :) xx


  3. No worries we all live busy lives! I will probably rock it out back in the summer, but at the moment I am using sleek contour palette in light and that works well for me. But day to day bronzer is kind of a no no for me as its so easy for it to look dirty on me 😔 I dream of being a tanned goddess where I can go heavy in the bronzer! Xxx


  4. Ahhh I totally agree! I really wish I had a bit of a darker skin tone. :'( I’ve heard of the palette you use before and I really would love to try it out! Hope you are doing well love. :) x

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