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“This Or That” Tag

I’ve seen this tag floating around many other amazing blogs, so I decided to give it a go. :)

This or That?

Blush or bronzer?
Definitely blush! I really love the bit of tint it can give on foundation.

Lip gloss or lip stick?
I love lip stain, which is probably more similar to lip stick.

Eyeliner or mascara?
Mascara, definitely! I rarely ever use eyeline anymore unless I want a darker eye colour.

Foundation or concealer?
Concealer has always been my favourite! I don’t use much foundation and love the way concealer can really highlight your eyes.

Neutral or colour eye shadow?
I always wear neutral colours if I wear any at all.

Pressed or loose eye shadows?
I would have to say pressed since loose shadows tend to be messy, but there are obviously great uses for it when it comes in handy.

Brushes or sponges?
Definitely brushes! They’re simple and quite easy to use/trust.


OPI or China Glaze?
OPI always has the cutest colours and they all apply so simply.

Long or short?
I am going to say “medium-length” because I want to be able to do things simply throughout the day without worrying about messing my nails up :)

Acrylic or natural?
I really think natural is the best.
Brights or darks?
Aaah! I really don’t know if I can choose which one I prefer. I can wear bright blues one day, but change it to black the next. I really just love both!


Perfume or body splash?
Perfume is the best and I use it every day!

Lotion or body butter?
Lotion, although I wish I used it more often since it’s very relaxing.

Body wash or soap?
I often go the simple way and just use soap.

Lush or other bath company?
Lush, of course!

Jeans or sweat pants?
Jeans, jeans, and more jeans. I often even wear them to bed…

Long sleeve or short?
Long, definitely! I don’t remember the last time I have ever worn a short-sleeve shirt. I often cover tank tops and shirts up with cardigans and coats anyways.

Dresses or skirts?
I love dresses! They are so comfortable, and pretty flexible to wear in any season.

Flip-flops or sandals?
Flip-flops are my favourite!

Scarves or hats?
I really adore hats! I almost never wear scarves and I really prefer beanies or floppy hats :)

Studs or dangly earrings?
Studs! I’m not much of an earring person, anyways.

Necklaces or bracelets?
Bracelets are great. I always put one on before I would wear a necklace :)

Heels or flats?
I love both, but for more of an every-day shoe, I prefer flats.

Jacket or hoodie?

Jacket! I wear them all the time.


Curly or straight?
Aaah, I really love both! Lately, I have been curling my hair, but I also straighten it all the time.

Bun or ponytail?

Bobby pins or butterfly clips?
Bobby pins, always.

Hair spray or gel?
I love hair spray and often use Bumble & Bumble every day.

Long or short?
Long, deinitely! I always wish my hair was a bit longer.

Light or dark?
Dark :)

Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
Side sweep bangs!

Up or down?
I always wear my hair down x


Rain or shine?
I always, always love the rain.

Summer or winter?
Winter, winter, winter. I’m gonna miss it when it really starts to get warm.

Autumn or spring?
Spring is amazing! It’s just the start of a bunch of new things in my life.

Chocolate or vanilla?
I am very much a vanilla girl.

Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe?
Aaaw, errrm! I like them all. I really love Kendall and Kylie’s style, too.

Coffee or tea?
Do I really have to choose?! Ok, tea. Definitely.


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