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The Versatile Bloggers Award

Thank you so, so much Emwills Eleven for nominating me for the Versetile Bloggers Award! I truly appreciate this nomination so much.

If you have a moment, it would be amazing for you to check out Emma’s blog if you aren’t familiar with it! She posts amazing things about beauty, psychology, fashion, interiors, life, food, and traveling. She is also very sweet as well, so go on over and have a look! :)

The Rules:

The rules for this award are pretty simple…

  • Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Share 10 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers who are fairly new to blogging.

My 10 Facts: 

1. I am a vegetarian! I have not eaten meat for nearly 2.5 years and I really love eating more natural, GMO-Free, organic foods. Believe me, I do indulge on non-organic or unnatural things once in while, and they’re great treats as well!

2. I have worked at a beading and jewelry stop for 2 years and I absolutely love it.

3. I adore indie-styled music. It relaxes me immensely and I always find a certain peace in it.

4. My favourite movie is Pride & Prejudice. It is also my favourite book. It is truly a classic and I probably could never explain just how much I love it.

5. I collect journals. I’ve become a bit obsessed with picking up cute ones whenever I see them, but many have not been written in or don’t have any pictures. I have some work to do with them!

6. My zipper on my every-day bag has been broken for months. The arm strap actually broke the day I got it while I was running through Times Square to catch a train at 12 am. I really need to get myself a new one.

7. I read my Sociology textbook in my free time. I’m quite a geek when it comes to certain things! :)

8. I don’t properly have a winter coat. I live in New England where we are literally pounded with snow storms usually all winter, but I seem to just put on layers.

9. I wear dark, deep, colours all of the time. I usually wear a bunch of black, and simply add pops of colour.

10. I absolutely love Tumblr. If I don’t end up going on for a day, I feel quite strange. That may sound weird as it’s a simple social media website, but it’s actually a really inspiring and positive environment where I can really create a journal of the images and texts that go through my mind.

My Nominations:


Lifestyle Counter  




Hannah Jade

Maddie Amelia

Dream and Dazzle

Hunny Bunny Soph

A Vibrant Day

A huge congratulations to you all! I truly believe so many other bloggers deserve this, so I hope you have as much fun spreading it on as I did. :)


12 thoughts on “The Versatile Bloggers Award

  1. Thank your for nominating me! :) :)
    Sadly won’t be able to write the post very soon but I will! :)

    Franzi xxx


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